JASON KONRAD – President 

Jason began his career in the construction industry learning the various trades the old fashioned way – in the trenches. He backed that knowledge up by working as a carpenter and lumber sales representative while earning a Degree from North Central College in Business Management. He worked his way up through the ranks – laborer, project superintendent, general superintendent and now owner and operator of Konrad Construction. His grasp of the industry is critical in detailing the overall outlook of our organization and keeping us on the correct path in this highly competitive market. Jason’s knowledge and experience are what have made us one of the most well respected General Contractors in the Chicago Area. 


JASON MCCLOY - General Superintendent 

Jason has been a master carpenter for over 20 years in the commercial and residential industry. He is exceptional insuring the quality of workmanship with our crews by verifying final designs and installations. His eye for the details is what sets Jason apart from many other superintendents in the industry. Jason assumes accountability and ownership with every project he is involved with. 


STEVE JONES - Senior Project Manager 

Steve has had a proven track record for over 30 years in the construction industry. Steve is responsible for our construction division and safety procedures for our employees in the field. In Steve’s career he has completed many diverse and complex multi-million dollar projects throughout the Midwest. 


TONY WALTER– Project Superintendent 

Tony brings over 12 years of experience managing crews in both commercial and residential construction. His performance is praised not only by the customers he works with but also his fellow employees.  


JAN VALDEZ - Project Superintendent 

Jan has over 25 years in the trades starting out as an apprentice and working his way up to a journeymen carpenter/foreman. Jan is now a valuable supervisor who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. 


ROD WOERMAN - Project Superintendent 

Rod has over 20 years in the construction industry. His projects consistently come in on time and under budget. Rod is extremely detail oriented and his hands on approach is a valuable asset to our organization. 


JOE MEADOR - Project Superintendent 

Joe has over 12 years in the trades. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done on time. Joe was hired on as a carpenter but was quickly promoted because of his extensive knowledge and hard work. 


KEN NEHRING - Project Superintendent 

Ken started as a carpenter and continued that way for almost 20 years. He has now brought that knowledge and hard work ethic to supervising jobs and making sure that they are done the way he learned – the right way! 


DUSTIN MCDANIEL - Project Superintendent 

Dustin started with us as a journeyman carpenter and quickly showed the leadership qualities and coordination/planning of a reliable leader. Dustin continues to show project after project that he is a valuable asset to our organization.  


MIKE WAGHER - Project Superintendent 

Mike has served as a superintendent/project manager on several projects since he has been on board with our organization. He is a natural finish/trim carpenter and his attention to detail can be seen with all of his projects. His work ethic is second to none and has a fantastic attitude which rubs off on the employees he oversees in the field. 


JOE DILEGGE - Project Superintendent 

Joe has been a carpenter for 10 years and was just recently promoted to Project Superintendent. He is extremely detail oriented andhas shown that he can be counted on when the pressure is on. Joe is a guy who you know will be the first one there and the last one to leave on a job he is working on. 


DANNY TULL - Project Superintendent 

Danny started his career as a rough framer in the residential industry. In Danny’s 20 plus years in the construction industry there is rarely anything that has come up that Danny had not dealt with before. His hard work rubs off on the employees on his projects. 


TIM HORCHER – Project Superintendent  

Tim has been a superintendent for over twenty years. He has managed multi-million dollar projects throughout his career and has a great reputation with every customer he has worked with. 


PAUL KILDAY – Project Superintendent  

Paul has been in the construction industry for over 50 years. He has extensive experience in all facets of the industry and has completed projects throughout the United States. 


ROSS RYDELL – Project Superintendent 

Ross started out as a carpenter in the early 90’s and quickly moved his way up to a foreman. Ross has proved to be a pro-active superintendent making sure his project stays on schedule and within budget. 


ROBERT JOHNSON – Project Superintendent  

Rob has worked in both residential and commercial construction. His exceptional organization and time management skills are what enables him to run his projects without issues.  


MATT KRUCKER - Business Development 

Matt graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Communications and minors in Marketing and Mass Communication. Matt’s professional career has spanned over 15 years as a sales representative and marketing professional. Matt is responsible for the marketing, advertising, hiring and helping out with obtaining subcontractors. 


LINDA CARROLL - Accounting 

Linda’s education includes certification in many fields including: accounting, business mathematics, records management and spreadsheets. Among the duties she performs are: account receivable/payables, payroll processing and job tracking. Linda has exceptional customer service skills and her computer competencies are outstanding.